Best Solution For Drying Wooden lamellas.

On the market since 2015
Yearly more than 6 mil m2 of lamellas dried on DryWoodMesh®

What Is DryWoodMesh®
And How It Works

DryWoodMesh® is specifically shaped aluminium sheet developed by Czech company Technotron-Metal s.r.o. We offer several options and types according to customer needs. Specially shaped meshes are used for interlacing the layers of wooden lamellas in the drying kiln. The DryWoodMesh® replaces the wooden bars and brings many advantages thanks to controlled air flow in the kiln.

Extremely fast drying system of wooden lamellas
Significantly reduced production costs
Fundamentally improved quality
Highly reduced production and delivery time
Extremely reduced number of wooden logs needed to be kept in stock

DryWoodMesh® Features

The wood flooring industry dries lumber in larger thicknesses in order to maximizes production efficiency.

Stresses are induced trying to force moisture out from the center of the thicker lumber.

With DryWoodMesh® you can cut your wood approximately to the final thickness of the wooden lamellas prior to kiln drying.

Drying thinner wood lamellas results in less induced stresses and provides more uniform moisture content gradients during the kiln drying proces.


6 mil. m2 of dried lamellas are produced globally every year on special meshes

Time to deliver your final products reduced by 50%
Durability guarantee for DryWoodMesh®
Types of DryWoodMesh® for different drying processes (special types for wet, dry, thin or thick lamellas/veneers)
Effectivity increased and costs reduced by min. 20% compared to conventional drying on wooden bars
Significant waste reduction (20-40 %)
Immediate improvement in the quality of wood lamellas and veneers
Robotic DryWoodMesh® handler saves time and labour cots (max. two workers needed for handling lamellas and DryWoodMesh® underlays)
Greatly reduced drying time (min. 50% reducing guaranteed, depending on the drying process)
Extremely short payback period (typically less than 1 year)

Free trial – 60 DryWoodMesh® pieces
Free of charge


Get ahead of your competitors – DryWoodMesh® is future technology available today!

Reduction of raw material in your stock by app. 50%

8 years of experience

Perfectly straight lamellas after drying
Faster drying possible even for lower wood grades

Automatic palletizing of DryWoodMesh® and Wooden Lamellas

Using DryWoodMesh® is a great way to increase the efficiency of your drying process.
Introducing DryWoodMesh® to your facility can be used also as an impulse for automation of manipulation
the wood and the interlacing DryWoodMesh®.

Up to 2,5 mil m2 wooden lamellas per year
Lower operating costs
Shorter manipulation time
Stable workflow
Workforce reduction

At the turn of the year 2016/2017 the first robotic workspace was installed for the significant European wood floor producer. Next workplaces are being installed and others are in the pipeline. The standard solution can be adjusted for every wood producer’s need according to the requested capacity, type of material, available space etc.

Manipulation with wood is historically well mastered discipline of automation, even it is not the easiest automation task due to the wood natural not-exact shape. The more special issue is manipulation with DryWoodMesh®. The DryWoodMesh® is made of aluminium, therefore magnetic grippers cannot be used. It is also sophisticatedly shaped according to airflow simulations, what prevents it from being lifted by standard suction or mechanical grippers.

Thanks to the close cooperation between the DryWoodMesh® producer and Ingeteam, a specific gripper was developed. This gripper allows manipulating DryWoodMesh® gently, reliably and quickly.

If your factory is using wooden sticks for interlacing the lamellas, the robotic workplace can be delivered with a gripper designed to manipulate the wooden sticks or also with an universal gripper allowing manipulation with both DryWoodMesh® and wooden sticks.

The developed way of manipulation with DryWoodMesh® can be applied in robotic or other mechatronic solutions.

The application process comprises:


Workplace design according to customer’s specification (manipulation capacity, available space, wooden lamellas dimensions etc.)


Technical study, basic engineering, detail engineering, delivery, installation, commissioning


Automation of the manufacturing process in relation to other workplaces of the production facility

Industry 4.0 solutions
Warranty and after-warranty services
Remote assistance 24/7

Robotic Manipulation With DryWoodMesh® Simulation

Robotic Manipulation With DryWoodMesh® in Action

Process development and Technical Support

Coordination of DryWoodMesh® tests
in cooperative research centres

Coperative research centres:
Ingeteam a.s. (robotics)
MMV Ostrava (computer modeling)
VÚHŽ Dobrá Frydek-Místek, Czech Republic
(physical laboratory trials)
Fagus Komárno Slovakia (trials of drying cycles with DryWoodMesh® and customers´s lamellas)
Creation of basic concept of robotic handling workplace according customer needs
Demonstration of robotic handling concept at research center in Czech Republic / Ostrava
Free trial – 60 DryWoodMesh® pieces delivered to your plant and installed by our technicians, free of charge

Assistance during DryWoodMesh® trials


The DryWoodMesh® is used in the following countries yet

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